StemUnity Support Riders

The Unity Support Riders were originally trained by the Metropolitan Police BikeSafe team to assist in the running of motorcycle charity events within London. Since their conception in 2005 the Unity Support Riders (USR’s) have now assisted in over 120 motorcycle, cycle and other on-road events helping to raise both funding and the profile of charitable organisations.
Our primary role is to advise on how to undertake large on-road events in a safe and lawful manner, help negotiate with the local authorities and when needed provide trained road marshals and mobile first-aiders.
In 2010 the USR scheme was nominated for the Prince Michael International Road Safety award for their contribution to group riding safety.
To become a USR it is necessary that the rider is willing to undertake, or already hold, an advanced rider qualification (RoSPA, ERS or IAM), be trained in First Aid (FBOS, First Bike on Scene) and also undertake our annual assessment and specialised training days. Still interested? Then contact us HERE
If you need our assistance at an event or would like to become a USR then contact us and we will do what we can to help, or come and chat in our Forum

The Unity Support Riders are a non-profit charitable organisation that relies not only on the generosity of its members but also donations from those that we help.  Please give what you can. 

Your money will be utilised in our training and equipment fund so that we can continue to provide and improve our specialised services to the charity community.  Thanks, Unity Support Riders

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