Questions Commonly Asked

I already have Medical Training

That’s great news however we have identified that the FBOS (First Bike On Scene) medical and incident training gives our riders a good starting point, other medical qualifications are great but FBOS is mandatory.

Rider Qualifications

To become a USR it is necessary that the rider is willing to undertake, or already hold, an advanced rider qualification (RoSPA, ERS or IAM), be trained in First Aid (FBOS) and also undertake our annual assessment and specialised training days.

Can you organise our event for us?

“No. We are not event organisers. We can happily advise and assist in route planning and preparation, and briefing’s to support riders on the day. We are there to help provide support and to improve the safety of your event.”

How can i find out more?

“We have a contact form here. We also have an active discussion forum which is open to anyone to join.”

Ok, but how do I know you can deliver?

“Take a look at our Testimonials. You’ll see we keep getting asked to come back!”

What other events have you supported?

“We have supported many events, big & small. Click here for a list of some of the events…”

How can i become a USR?

Get in touch with the Contact Us page, or come chat on the Forum